Asiakkaamme ovat lähtökohtaisesti suuria ja keskisuuria yrityksiä, jotka toimivat vaihtelevasti muun muassa valmistavassa teollisuudessa, ilmailualalla, telesektorilla, rakennus- ja energiateollisuudessa.


Sample of our customer cases

Aveso Data Studio data quality management


Case Nokian Tyres - Master data quality management and data migration projects with Aveso Data Studio

Aveso has been a partner with Nokian Tyres in data management projects for several years. The collaboration began when the data migrations of Nokian Tyres' maintenance system implementation project were...

Aveso IFS Cloud reference Junttan


Case Junttan – Junttan Upgrades to IFS Cloud ERP

The collaboration between Aveso and Junttan began in 2020, and now the implementation of the IFS Cloud system has been completed. The system was rolled out in Junttan's operations in...


Case Elecster – Elecster updated its ERP system to IFS Cloud

Elecster updated its ERP system to the latest IFS Cloud version. The project started in the spring of 2022 and was completed with a successful implementation in November 2022. Aveso Oy acted in the project as the system supplier...


Case Pori Energia – Pori Energia streamlines its ERP processes by implementing IFS Cloud system

In March 2023 Pori Energia upgraded to IFS Cloud ERP system. Aveso, an IFS partner company, acted as the responsible system supplier in the project and will continue as Pori Energia's maintenance and development partner...


Case Hartela – IFS maintenance and support services

Cooperation between Aveso and Hartela began in 2020, when Hartela started the implementation project of the IFS ERP system in Hartela's financial function. Since project’s successful go-live...

Master Data Quality Management


Case Tikkurila – Centralized Data Quality Management with Aveso Data Studio

Collaboration between Tikkurila and Aveso began with Aveso Data Studio proof of concept (PoC) project in early 2021. The project was successful and in April...

IFS Cloud julkaisu


Aveso and Junttan co-operate in IFS ERP development

In autumn 2020, hydraulic piling equipment supplier Junttan Oy started a production development project, which aim was to optimize the use of the existing IFS ERP systemas well as improve analytics with...


Customer Story

Case If: Aveso If:n tietovarastoinnin kehityskumppaniksi

Since 2017 Aveso has been If’s development partner in data warehousing for private insurances business area. The first project was a replacement of a legacy business intelligence system with...


Customer Story

To support future growth strategy, Teknos upgraded its ERP system to IFS 10, implemented new PDM system and...


Customer Story

Aveso and Stera: Connecting Smart Factories around the world

For 60 years Stera Technologies have been using the best methods to serve their customers. Now they are working with Aveso to connect their smart factories around the world....


Customer Story

IFS Case: Polarteknik ja Pimatic Oy

Polarteknik Oy, a company supplying door systems for rolling stock together with Pimatic Oy – company providing solutions for applied pneumatics and low-pressure hydraulics have deployed a new IFS Applications ERP system....


Customer Story

Helen ja Aveso tiedonhallinta

Helen has expanded the use of the ERP system to cover its maintenance and warehousing activities. The project’s data conversions were done by Aveso consultants using the Aveso Data Quality Tool system. The scope of the project was significant since...


Customer Story

Lapp Automaation IoTKey®- järjestelmä nojaa Microsoftin Azure IoT-teknologiaan

Lapp Automaatio offers its customers IoTKey®-system for machine and process surveillance and for predictive maintenance. Main application areas are manufacturing and process industries, production machines, energy production and infrastructure...